• Ryan Bernardoni

Riposte: What is this Morality in Video Games You Speak Of?

Sam Sheehan released a counterpoint to a Polygon article today arguing for the continuation of the trend towards ”gray” morality in video games.

I do not understand this. There is no morality in sending little frog men on space missions. There is success and glorious less success but one cannot assign a moral foundation to the choice between solid or liquid fuel boosters. The arguments being made scare and confuse me. Is there more to “video games” than calculating the necessary Delta-V to reach orbit and confirming your staging order before launch? If there is, I certainly have never encountered it.

Black-and-white morality? Gray morality? Grey morality? In this expert’s opinion, we could all do with a little more green astronaut morality. And also more struts.

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