• Ryan Bernardoni

Direct Action Fund

My wife and I have put together a $10,000 fund to be used for "direct action" charitable donations. The plan is to basically give this money directly to people in need during the coronavirus pandemic. If you're in need and could use some assistance, please Direct Message me on Twitter @dangercart or, if you don't have twitter, you can try me at I can send money via PayPal or Venmo.

This is a lot of money for us but I understand that it's a teaspoon in the ocean of what's needed. It's difficult to decide what to do with this, even after having decided to try the direct action route. With this amount we can't do things like pay a month's rent for someone, even in dire straights. We would simply run out too quickly and I think it's better to try and help as many people as possible a little bit then have it turn into some kind of desperation competition where we're left selecting only a handful of people.

I don't know what the maximum amount I can give to one person is, but it's more like "I have nothing for groceries" or "they're about to turn off the power" money, not those rent amounts, let alone medical bills.

These aren't loans, though if you ask for an amount and determine you don't need all of it I can certainly redistribute what's left if you want me to. All we're asking is that, if sometime down the road in your life you're on stable footing and able to help others, please do so.

I have no clue how this is going to go or how long it will last. I'm not going to try to confirm anyone's truthfulness or amount of need, but please don't treat this like a way to pocket some cash. I'm putting my faith in the honor system.

Donations will be anonymous from this side but I will be keeping a ledger of amounts at the bottom of this post for transparency's sake.

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