NBA Salary Cap Calculators

This page contains my calculators to use with the NBA salary cap. There are four sub-pages each with an embedded tool. You can navigate to these pages by hovering over the 'NBA Calculators' label in the header, or with the below links.

  • Contract Structures

    • Enter a first season salary and a raise/decrease amount to calculate a full contract value

    • Enter a full value, number of seasons, and the desired raise/decrease amount to calculate the annual values

  • Exceptions, Mins, and Maxes

    • Enter a projected future cap amount to calculate the Mid-level and Bi-annual Exceptions as well as the minimum and maximum contract levels

  • Rookie Scale​

    • Enter a salary cap projection for 2019-20 to see what 1st round pick rookie scale contracts will look like​

  • Luxury Tax

    • Enter in an amount over the luxury tax to see what a team would ​owe as either a standard or repeater team

Note: These tools are all Excel embeds and so will be very difficult to use on mobile. It's not worth trying, really...